Why You Should Keep Your Luggage Locked When You Travel

According to a recent study based on data collected from airline passengers between the timeline of January 2016 to February 2017, many of them have filed around 8,000 complaints against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents for missing items from their luggage such as personal electronics, clothing items and jewelry. However, even with the number of complaints filed, passengers will not be expecting any form of reimbursements from the TSA as the agency itself denied all of the 8,000 claims. So what can you do to prevent your things taken out from your luggage?

A luggage lock certainly keeps things in place as you surrender them to the airline for boarding. It is also much safer to keep a lock at hand in order to prevent itchy hands from prying around your things under unnecessary baggage checks under your supervision. Not only that, you’ll also be able to make sure that other passengers who mistakenly took your luggage would not be able to open it without the key. Sure enough, it is always wise to visit a key duplication service to duplicate your luggage lock key as a spare just in case the original key is left behind in a different country.

However, even with a luggage lock, this isn’t always the best guarantee that your items will not be opened by force for checks. Luggage bags can still be broken into by slicing through the soft section of the bag and other cunning tricks include using a ballpoint pen to pry open the zipper as well. But the one thing that you can keep in mind is that as soon as you surrender your luggage for check in, the damages that occur after that will be left to the airport personnel instead.